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Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Imports, cool bikes and awesome Aussie girls!

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Mark 1 Ford Escort

Cooly Rocks On 2013, One of Australia's largest Hot Rod shows featuring some of the sweetest American muscle cars!

Datsun 510 1600 Bluebird 1970

datsun 240Z perfornmance sports car, Nissan S30

Custom Holden GMH FB supercharger

Back to bruns Hot Rod show

APC Racing evo specialist and cameron dyall bring this hypo street legal road racer machine. AOC evo evolution 8 MR

WRX Brumby Brat Subaru

black custom supercharged H3 H2 Hummer, power, upgraded engine urban american vehicle

Turbo engined awd suzuki alto

JDM Style nissan s15 Jetlag black top mount turbo fMIC Front mount intercooler injectors cooler enkei rims rwd horsepower fast fastest posters brisbane workshop aussie australia

Holden Torana V8 Blown supercharged engine 350 chevy fast performance carl

mazda rx2 rotary powered RX2 fast deluxe leather trimmed

nissan S15 Drifter, nissan s15 Silvia, JDM carbon fibre bonnet, yellow, jap, japanese spec, 200sx Nissan, wing

woofpac racing car subaru automotive

nissan sunny GTiR awd attessa sr20det turbo terror

Fast Ford RDP Ohio steve Larentveld

datsun 240z zed, modern restored 240Z with modern turbo engine

big horsepower mazda R100 rotary engine from Ben Hunt motorsport, owned by Michael English

Ford V8 Vehicle - Ute, supercharged ford falcon ute built by RDP dyno steve. supercharged horsepower brutal

Honda Street racer

32 Duece Roadster FORD FOMOCO Detroit, custom old school 32 roadster built by Lew Falzon

Toyota turbo supra, drager biggest horsepower with over 1000hp at rear wheels makes it more powerful than bugatti veyron. Supra Posters and phone cases available

Performance car RX7

V8 Supercharged Shelby Mustang, GT500 supercharged stang. Classic mustang posters available to buy

Custom hilux minitruck, minitruckin' hilux with nissan sr20det turbo engine

customchopper, kingpin choppers V-rod, custom built east coast west coast harley davidson frame chrome metal handbuilt kingpin choppers

Subaru STI

V8 Chevy


Ford Hot Rod

B4 turbo liberty

WRX Sti Subaru

Turbo Rotary Laser

Wintersun Hot rod show and festival

Australian Models

Brandi aussie model, blonde swimsuit lingerie

emily scott, Australian model. Winner of FHM UK top 5 sexiest women

brooke peaches winner of Penthouse Pet of the year poses for custom streeter. The Australian swimsuit model is also a performance car enthusiast who rocked up to our shoot in a turbo skyline

gold coast bikini sale brazillian cut sexy bikini girls calender glamour swimsuit low cut bum boobs

Alana Collins, lingerie and bikini model from Gold Coast Australia. This bronzed aussie poses for custom streeter and gets some of her gear off. Posters available

Georgie Gosden

import tuner model

Haili Loren Model

Danah Wheatle maxim photoshoot

bikini car wash, sexy bikini girls wearing latest swimsuits from australia washing a chrysler 300c pimped out on 22 inch rims

Georgie Gosden, beautiful blonde australian bikini girl posing on Currumbin Beach in queensland australia

Custom Streeter Dani West posing in Australian flag bikini for Australia day, blonde, swimsuit, sexy, model, beauty, car and model, iconic, bronzed, aussie, fhm, ralph, boobs

Kierina - Import Model, posing with fast mitsubishi evo, evolution, fast, drag race, horsepower, apc Racing Brisbane, dyno, white bikini, cute eurasian, car parts

The Blog

Jaguar XJ13 replica

Brandi Heighway wearing Daisy Dukes

Feature Car - Woofpac widebodied STi WRX

photography - Chris Gentle

Danny's Wolf Pack

A Chargespeed widebody Subaru Sti with the lot.

Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import


Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

When WRX fanatic Leon Rex from Canberra passed away suddenly in January 2005 close friend and fellow WRX enthusiast Danny Singh was helping piece together the ultimate Subaru for his good mate. Danny, a mechanic by trade had sourced all the hot bits for Leon’s WRX wagon mainly from the United States and Japan. The two of them had spent much time together discussing plans for the car and shooting the breeze. When Danny heard the devastating news of Leon’s death it affected him deeply, so much that he felt compelled to leave the city of Canberra and almost abandoned the performance car scene altogether as every where he looked he saw reminders of his friend. Danny was on the verge of selling his 2002 model ‘bugeye’ WRX STI to become a ‘normal citizen’ but fortune happens as Danny’s wife, Grace talked him around to not only keeping it but making it the ultimate car. The seed was sown and Danny’s passion overcame reluctance and he decided to build the car as a tribute to the late Leon Rex.


Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

The great thing starting with a car like the Subaru WRX STI is that it already has upgraded everything and is a well developed base to begin with, even so the only thing that remains standard are the Brembo brakes and the six speed gearbox.  What hits you first is the Chargespeed wide-body kit, being the first fitted to a ‘Bugeye’ in Australia and to Danny’s knowledge remains the only one. Chargespeed, popular with WRX boys and girls worldwide developed the kit to enhance the original lines of the car and give it a more muscular pumped up attitude. Danny’s priority with the kit was to ensure panel fit was perfect and it integrated seamlessly with the original Subaru bodywork. The bonnet has been replaced by a Seibon carbon fibre vented hood, the boot lid was also ditched in favour of a lighter carbon fibre lid also from the Seibon Carbon factory. The carbon fibre GT wing comes from mega cool Japanese company Kakimoto and the rear diffuser has also been given the carbon touch. Add in tough yet simple white 19 inch Arospeed RS-GT rims and you have just about completed the Japanese street racer look. 

Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import


Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

Following the wide-body STI even for a mere ten minutes on the way to the photo shoot I noticed two different young blokes in the backs of two different family cars reaching around to take photos of it with there camera phones, plenty other  people were having double and even triple looks at the car. Danny’s wide-body has undeniable glamour looks and draws attention pretty much any where he takes it. Danny says that while most enthusiasts instantly recognise the make and model, most non-enthusiasts (normal citizens) struggle to identify it particular now it doesn’t have the trademark WRX bonnet scoop on it’s snout.

Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

Dedicated performance aficionados know that looks aren’t everything, a car should excite it should feel great to drive, it should beg you for the next corner and want for another straight. A good car is one that shoves you back into your seat and the exhaust is the only soundtrack you need. Danny Singh agrees and his philosophy equals well thought out engine and chassis modifications that deliver quality performance and increased driveability, which was precisely the reason he opted to increase displacement to 2.5 litres up from the standard 2.0 litre using the U.S. spec Impreza litre block. The enlarged capacity increases low down torque and engine response making the engine package less laggy. To this same end Danny has also fitted the AVO 400L turbo as it has developed a strong reputation for making good usable power throughout the rev range. Danny believes that the instant throttle response generated by this combination is far superior to having a massive peak power that is only usable with high revs.

Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

The crowning glory in Danny’s cooling system is the CRY02 intercooler system which basically cryogenically freezes the cooler using liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Danny swears this is a very effective way of removing heat from the intercooler before it enters the engine again resulting in more power and much better fuel economy. He also states a tank of CO2 lasts about three months even if you use it every day. The intercooler intake piping has also been insulated with heat wrap to keep hot air from undoing all the cooling modifications that have been performed.

With cooling taken care of Danny’s next task was to chose an ECU that would make the most of the modifications. Danny chose the E11v2 series Haltech ECU which utilises numerous correction maps to make sure no matter what condition Danny runs his monster ‘Bugeye’ in the engine will respond smoothly and consistently. The ECU was tuned by Chris Romano at Bob Romano Performance Motors in Brisbane. Not content with the standard gauges and dials of the STI Danny installed the Haltech MXL display which sits where the tacho and speedo should be. The digital display shows all necessary information including speed, revs, gear position and even lap times which is great for track days.

Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

Power without control is pointless so Danny fitted Tein Flex coilovers with the Tein EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) so the suspension can be controlled quickly and precisely via in-cabin switch dial to suit road conditions and driving attitude while on the go. Danny has only lowered the car 20mm from the standard ride height refusing to sacrifice comfort, practicality or suspension performance. The Subaru WRX STI already comes with big Brembo brakes so they don’t need upgrading but Danny has replaced the Subaru pads with EBC Greenstuff brake pads which he comments are excellent for his daily driver as they warm up quickly and wipe of off speed even faster in any situation. Braided brake lines have also been fitted to keep the pedal feel firm and responsive.  Subaru WRX STI by nature of their All Wheel Drive system offer higher levels of grip than most vehicles on the road yet Danny has improved this even more by increasing the tyre width on each wheel by 30mm taking the tyre size up to 245mm using the Silica based Falken 451 tyres on nineteen inch rims. The wider tyres help fill out the massively pumped guards but more importantly between the four tyres they give you an extra one hundred and twenty millimetres of contact with the tarmac which is important when you want to feel your three hundred plus horsepower shoving you back in your seat.

Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

Danny, who served his mechanical apprenticeship in Singapore fifteen years ago has recently opened his own workshop on the Northside of Brisbane called Woofpac Racing and is fast becoming a renowned Subaru specialist. After a solid four months of building the car not to mention loads of hard earned cash Danny Singh, his wife Grace and three year old son Caius have a family car that is not only visually stunning and very quick it is also a very special tribute to friend lost suddenly, Leon would be proud.

Photos and story – Chris Gentle.

Widebody subaru STI WRX AWD turbo subie scooby impreza WRC rally street racer import

2002 WRX STI WRC Blue.

Under the hood
Engine: Subaru EJ20 with US spec 2.5l block
Induction: Injen custom cold air intake, Injen custom front mount intercooler, Fujita air filter, Perrin custom billet fuel rails, STI hi-flowed injectors,  Perrin turbo inlet pipe, Sard fuel pressure regulator, HKS grounding kit, Cusco heat shield, PWR radiator, Samco coolant hoses, Samco radiator hoses, HKS Vacuum hoses, AVO 400L turbo with big rear housing, GFB Deceptor Pro blow off valve, Hyperflow billet oil catch can, CRYO02 air intake bulb, CRYO02 intercooler spray bar, custom water spray on intercooler, NOS pressure gauge.
Internals:  JE Pistons, Crower billet conrods, STI crankshaft.
Systems: E11v2 Haltech.
Exhaust: BPM twin dump, GT Spec HPC coated headers, Metal Cat catalytic converter,  Varex muffler

Gearbox: 6 speed STI.
Differential: STI.
Clutch: Custom heavy duty clutch.
Brakes: Front and rear STI Brembo with EBC brake pads.

Front and rear: Tein Flex coilovers.


Wheels: 19 x 9 Arospeed UK RS-GT.
Tyres: Falken 451 245/35/19.


Outside: Chargespeed Widebody kit, Custom blend WRC Subaru blue with hint of purple, Carbon fibre GT wing.
Inside: Kevlar Carbon fibre DRIFT racing seat for driver, APEXi EL exhaust temp gauge, APEXi EL boost gauge, APEXi link controller, Tein EDFC controller, Haltech air/fuel ratio gauge, Haltech MXL dash display.
Et:  Hasn't had official run yet.

Special Thanks Chris, Bob & Esther Romano from Bob Romano Performance Motors (07 3395 8255)
Vincent from Motorware (03 95474998)
Troy Patterson from Pro Speed Racing ( 0418 436 861)
Steve Hurkett from Hyperflow Technologies (02 4283 2281)
Chris Gentle from Epicphoto ( 0410 468 102)
Ben Anderson from TurboXS (02 9987 0395) 
Bill Matthews from Repco Lawnton (07 3205 1000)
my family, wife Grace & son Caius from Woofpac Racing for their love and support,

lastly to a late WRX fanatic Leon Rex ( 28th October 1949 - 25th January 2005 )



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