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Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Imports, cool bikes and awesome Aussie girls!

Original Content

Mark 1 Ford Escort

Cooly Rocks On 2013, One of Australia's largest Hot Rod shows featuring some of the sweetest American muscle cars!

Datsun 510 1600 Bluebird 1970

datsun 240Z perfornmance sports car, Nissan S30

Custom Holden GMH FB supercharger

Back to bruns Hot Rod show

APC Racing evo specialist and cameron dyall bring this hypo street legal road racer machine. AOC evo evolution 8 MR

WRX Brumby Brat Subaru

black custom supercharged H3 H2 Hummer, power, upgraded engine urban american vehicle

Turbo engined awd suzuki alto

JDM Style nissan s15 Jetlag black top mount turbo fMIC Front mount intercooler injectors cooler enkei rims rwd horsepower fast fastest posters brisbane workshop aussie australia

Holden Torana V8 Blown supercharged engine 350 chevy fast performance carl

mazda rx2 rotary powered RX2 fast deluxe leather trimmed

nissan S15 Drifter, nissan s15 Silvia, JDM carbon fibre bonnet, yellow, jap, japanese spec, 200sx Nissan, wing

woofpac racing car subaru automotive

nissan sunny GTiR awd attessa sr20det turbo terror

Fast Ford RDP Ohio steve Larentveld

datsun 240z zed, modern restored 240Z with modern turbo engine

big horsepower mazda R100 rotary engine from Ben Hunt motorsport, owned by Michael English

Ford V8 Vehicle - Ute, supercharged ford falcon ute built by RDP dyno steve. supercharged horsepower brutal

Honda Street racer

32 Duece Roadster FORD FOMOCO Detroit, custom old school 32 roadster built by Lew Falzon

Toyota turbo supra, drager biggest horsepower with over 1000hp at rear wheels makes it more powerful than bugatti veyron. Supra Posters and phone cases available

Performance car RX7

V8 Supercharged Shelby Mustang, GT500 supercharged stang. Classic mustang posters available to buy

Custom hilux minitruck, minitruckin' hilux with nissan sr20det turbo engine

customchopper, kingpin choppers V-rod, custom built east coast west coast harley davidson frame chrome metal handbuilt kingpin choppers

Subaru STI

V8 Chevy


Ford Hot Rod

B4 turbo liberty

WRX Sti Subaru

Turbo Rotary Laser

Wintersun Hot rod show and festival

Australian Models

Brandi aussie model, blonde swimsuit lingerie

emily scott, Australian model. Winner of FHM UK top 5 sexiest women

brooke peaches winner of Penthouse Pet of the year poses for custom streeter. The Australian swimsuit model is also a performance car enthusiast who rocked up to our shoot in a turbo skyline

gold coast bikini sale brazillian cut sexy bikini girls calender glamour swimsuit low cut bum boobs

Alana Collins, lingerie and bikini model from Gold Coast Australia. This bronzed aussie poses for custom streeter and gets some of her gear off. Posters available

Georgie Gosden

import tuner model

Haili Loren Model

Danah Wheatle maxim photoshoot

bikini car wash, sexy bikini girls wearing latest swimsuits from australia washing a chrysler 300c pimped out on 22 inch rims

Georgie Gosden, beautiful blonde australian bikini girl posing on Currumbin Beach in queensland australia

Custom Streeter Dani West posing in Australian flag bikini for Australia day, blonde, swimsuit, sexy, model, beauty, car and model, iconic, bronzed, aussie, fhm, ralph, boobs

Kierina - Import Model, posing with fast mitsubishi evo, evolution, fast, drag race, horsepower, apc Racing Brisbane, dyno, white bikini, cute eurasian, car parts

The Blog

Jaguar XJ13 replica

Brandi Heighway wearing Daisy Dukes

Feature Car - Drager - Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra Turbo


Toyota Supra Turbo

One thousand horsepower, A Bugatti Veyron has 1003 horsepower and that is it the engine flywheel. This Supra has clocked that very same figure at the rear wheels at the Autosalon Dyno competition on the Gold Coast. Sure the power delivery may somewhat different but a thousand horsepower is a pretty mighty figure for a 3 litre turbo engine.

Toyota Supra Turbo

Nasser, a student who came to Australia from the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) to study wanted some pretty quick wheels while he was here. The 2jzte 3 litre Toyota engine responds marvelously to the big T88 turbo. Millenium motorsports built the engine.

Toyota Supra Turbo

Horsepower Supra - Phone Case speckcase
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Toyota Supra Turbo

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Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo 

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Supra's have a fantastic shape, along with the series 6 RX7 these cars gave Europe a big hurry on. They were as quick if not quicker than similar year model Porsche and Ferrari's, they were cheaper and were building very strong street credibility with the aftermarket tuners and the boy's from the Tokyo Midnight Club.

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

Toyota Supra Turbo

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Nasser's Drager on the Autosalon Dyno making a grand in power



Featured Models

Drag mitsubishi evo

Photography by Chris Gentle